Matted Photos – $30 Shipped

Photos are 5″ x 7″ and the mat itself is 6″ x 8″ outside measurements. The photo is taped into the mat, has a hard chip board backing and comes in a clear plastic sleeve. Pictures and mats could be framed as is or could be double or triple matted depending on the look you’re going for. $30 includes shipping. Photos are shipped twice a month when enough orders have accrued for me to pull over in the middle of nowhere and plug my photo printer into a gas station bathroom to make this magic happen. Your support is really what makes the magic happen. THANK YOU!

$30 includes shipping

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Cliff Cash Comedy CD

Make America Smart Again CD

This recent hour set was recorded live at Dead Crow Comedy in Wilmington NC. Dead Crow is my home club and one of the best clubs in the country. Thanks so much for supporting my comedy. It really is a lifelong dream and something I really hope to never have to stop chasing. Every CD and ticket that sells, keeps me on the road and on the chase and that really really means a lot to me.

$12.50 includes shipping